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And no, I don't mean 'New York'. I mean York, England. I was born here, I grew up here, I choose to stay here and I love it. I could wax lyrical about this city for hours if you let me, but I'll try and keep it to a decent length post.

York, for anyone who doesn't know, is a historic walled city at the confluence of the rivers Ouse and Foss in North Yorkshire, England. The city has a rich heritage and has provided the backdrop to major political events in England throughout much of its two millennia of existence. It now offers a wealth of historic attractions, of which York Minster is the most prominent, and a variety of cultural and sporting activities.

The city was founded by the Romans as Eboracum in 71 AD. It became the capital of the Roman province of Britannia Inferior, and later of the kingdoms of Northumbria and Jórvík. In the Middle Ages, York grew as a major wool trading centre and became the capital of the northern ecclesiastical province of the Church of England, a role it has retained.

In the 19th century, York became a hub of the railway network and a confectionery manufacturing centre. In recent decades, the economy of York has moved from being dominated by its confectionery and railway-related industries to one that provides services. The University of York and health services have become major employers, whilst tourism has become an important element of the local economy.

I love walking around the city - along the rivers or the walls (the most complete in England), up the narrow medieval cobbled streets - feeling wrapped up in it's history. I love York Minster (the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe), I love the old architecture, I love the museums. I like the fact we have distinct seasons, and a drier and warmer climate than the rest of the region. We have theatres and music and food & drink, we've sport, we're a founding National Science City, we're part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a city of Media Arts.

What's not to love?


Mar. 30th, 2013 05:22 pm
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I'm so very glad it's a long weekend. I've hit burnout and am ridiculously tired. I literally did nothing yesterday. I slept, I ate, I relaxed, I played facebook games, I listened to music, I read, I watched DVDs. [personal profile] badfalcon - was it you who called it having a holiday in your own life?

Today I have had a wonderful spring clean. I've done like three loads of laundry and I've tidied the flat from top to bottom. Cleaned, dusted, polished, vacuumed. It's been long overdue and very therapeutic. My sanctuary feels safe again. I'm exhausted and may end up ordering takeout. I quite fancy some Crispy Shredded Beef & Egg Fried Rice. Mmm.

Tomorrow I might go to DIG. There's an exhibition on that could be quite interesting. It's called Looking Back at Hungate
Visit DIG for a unique opportunity to see some of its archaeological treasures displayed together for the first time. From Roman grave goods and Viking craftsmanship, through to medieval life and Victorian industry, this innovative new exhibition uses artefacts to tell the story of a changing city landscape.

And of course, going to DIG usually means I end up going into Yorvik Viking Centre... which then makes me want to go back to Barley Hall and Micklegate Bar Museum. Another year, another YAT Pass it is then!

There will also be a lot of chocolate eaten and I need to catch up on Supernatural. Looks like Monday is sorted as well.

Hope everything's well with you guys :)

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