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I don't feel comfortable posting photographs of myself online, so you won't be getting those. You can instead have a picture of a kitten:

AS for an introduction... I still hate writing these!
Hi, I'm Megs (short for Margaret). I'm 28, I live in York and work as an Administrative Assistant for a local hospital. I have a cat called Cookie, I love to read, I'm addicted to caffeine and eat too much chocolate. When I say 'love to read' I mean I'm a complete bibliophile and always have my nose in a book. My favourite colour is blue, my favourite food is pasta and my favourite sport is tennis. I'm a life long student, a budding blogger and hate dusting.
That's me in a nutshell!


Mar. 30th, 2013 05:22 pm
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I'm so very glad it's a long weekend. I've hit burnout and am ridiculously tired. I literally did nothing yesterday. I slept, I ate, I relaxed, I played facebook games, I listened to music, I read, I watched DVDs. [personal profile] badfalcon - was it you who called it having a holiday in your own life?

Today I have had a wonderful spring clean. I've done like three loads of laundry and I've tidied the flat from top to bottom. Cleaned, dusted, polished, vacuumed. It's been long overdue and very therapeutic. My sanctuary feels safe again. I'm exhausted and may end up ordering takeout. I quite fancy some Crispy Shredded Beef & Egg Fried Rice. Mmm.

Tomorrow I might go to DIG. There's an exhibition on that could be quite interesting. It's called Looking Back at Hungate
Visit DIG for a unique opportunity to see some of its archaeological treasures displayed together for the first time. From Roman grave goods and Viking craftsmanship, through to medieval life and Victorian industry, this innovative new exhibition uses artefacts to tell the story of a changing city landscape.

And of course, going to DIG usually means I end up going into Yorvik Viking Centre... which then makes me want to go back to Barley Hall and Micklegate Bar Museum. Another year, another YAT Pass it is then!

There will also be a lot of chocolate eaten and I need to catch up on Supernatural. Looks like Monday is sorted as well.

Hope everything's well with you guys :)
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I always feel very - and I really hate using this word - unique when I'm online. Because nearly everything you see online revolves around people hating themselves and wanting to change. They want to be taller, shorter, thinner, fatter, larger chested, smaller chested, prettier, they want to be more confident, they want a better partner… no-one seems happy or confident with who and how they are or how their life is.

Maybe I’m far too well adjusted but these sorts of comments really break my heart. I’ve never had any of these self-esteem problems that so many people have and I almost want to be able to wave a magic wand and make people happy. I’m sounding like some sort of hippy I know but I’ve always been happy with my lot.

I’m little miss average. A ‘Plain Jane’ as I’ve been told many times. And I’m more than OK with this. I’m average height, I’m neither over nor underweight. My body is in proportion. I eat a well-balance diet and I exercise regularly. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I don’t wear make-up. I’m happily single. I have my flat, my books and my kitten. I want nothing more from life than what I have.

I just wish that other people could learn to be happy with themselves rather than striving to become something that they believe they should be
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I’m not usually one to attack someone behind their back, especially not in a forum where they have no means of defending themselves but I’m so wound up and needing to vent that I don’t think I have any other options because the people in real life who this concerns don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with the situation.

One of my work friends has just had her heart broken by her boyfriend who broke up with her out of the blue over the weekend. His reason for breaking up with her was because she was ‘too monogamous’ and ‘not enough of an exhibitionist’
Now I have nothing against polyamory or open relationships or exhibitionism – each to their own – but this guy knew before they started dating that she was not into the above, they talked about it at length and worked around it, how their relationship would work taking into considerations their different sexual appetites.

What’s even worse is… oh this guy, he really does wind me up. He sits on his lazy ass all day and does… exactly nothing. He’s 25 years old, he has his own apartment. His parents pay his rent for him. And his phone bills. And his utility bills. He mooches off all his friends – their mutual friends, including my friend who loaned him over £500 so they could go on holiday together – and no-one seems to think there’s anything wrong with this situation. It’s not exactly like his parents are rich either but he’s still mooching of everyone. He has this list of excuses a mile long of why he doesn’t look for a job and they’re all so pathetic that I roll my eyes and want to slap and/or throttle him!
His dad even paid for him to go to college and get qualifications so he could get a job… but he was too lazy to even finish this course

I seem to be the only person in our group of friends who has a problem with this and I think its obvious why I’m frustrated with the situation.

I just want to yell to get off his lazy ass and get a job.

(And yes, I feel better for having got that off my chest. Thank you)

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