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I always wonder how many people who watch horror/fantasy/science-fiction type movies/tv shows that feature mythical creatures actually believe in them? How many Walking Dead fans believe in zombies, how many X-Files fans believe in aliens, how many True Blood or Twilight fans believe in vampires, how many Teen Wolf fans believe in werewolves, how many Supernatural fans believe in... well... everything LOL

It was actually Supernatural that made me wonder this. I've been re-watching some of the earlier episodes, a lot of the Monster Of The Week/Salt 'n' Burn episodes, the not myth-arc ones, the standalones. I know a lot of them were based on real myths, on urban legends and it made me think about beliefs.

I'm not sure how the link happened in my brain. Don't get me wrong, mythology is a subject that fascinates me, the stories that shape a culture have such an importance and you can learn so much from people based on what they believe in.

It's just the link between culture and mythology and popular culture. So much of the urban fantasy genre is based on the old stories which I find interesting, to be honest. I guess it's the sociologist in me!

It also makes me wonder how the belief system of the viewer affects their enjoyment of the show. Whether a belief in... say ghosts increases or decreases the enjoyment of an episode about ghosts etc. I know I personally don't believe in most of the mythology of these shows. I don't believe in aliens or vampires or zombies or werewolves or ghosts. I do however believe in God and the Angels, in Heaven and Hell, but I'm able to separate my beliefs from the story shown on Supernatural, it doesn't have any effect on what I believe in but I do find I enjoy the earlier seasons more... however I also recognise that the quality of the show has decreased in recent years so I don't know whether its that or the ongoing religious-based myth that's caused that.
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I recently re-read Dan Brown's novels and had actually forgotten how much I enjoyed the Robert Langdon books - the whole cypher solving and religious aspects, the holy grail etc etc. I wanted to read more books in that general sphere so I consulted both the library and my new friend goodreads.com and have started reading the Cotton Malone series by Steve Berry.

In turn this has got me fascinated by the history and mythology surrounding the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail and Freemasons. How a fairly basic order designed to protect travelling pilgrims during the crusades only to become so powerful and rich and then their ultimate downfall has become such a ongoing and lasting mystery and how they still have such an impact and intrigue today is compelling. How even the order themselves were involved in starting the rumours and propaganda around them and how they're linked to the superstitions around Friday 13th. It's completely sucked me in.

Goodbye to-do lists, goodbye to-read pile.
Hello new interest!

I'm already collecting lists of books - both fiction and non-fiction - I need to read and movies that I need to see. I'm such a geek and am getting pages of notes. God bless my love of stationery and colourcoding. Yes, I am aware of how this sounds. I'm waiting impatiently for reserved books to come in the library, for DVDs to be shipped from lovefilm.

So now I'm going to throw this open to anyone reading who has any suggestions on any/every resource about the order. I'm especially interested in fiction books based around the order, similar to Steve Berry, Michael Jecks and Raymond Khoury. But really, anything and everything will be happily devoured.
Thank you

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