Mar. 30th, 2013 05:22 pm
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I'm so very glad it's a long weekend. I've hit burnout and am ridiculously tired. I literally did nothing yesterday. I slept, I ate, I relaxed, I played facebook games, I listened to music, I read, I watched DVDs. [personal profile] badfalcon - was it you who called it having a holiday in your own life?

Today I have had a wonderful spring clean. I've done like three loads of laundry and I've tidied the flat from top to bottom. Cleaned, dusted, polished, vacuumed. It's been long overdue and very therapeutic. My sanctuary feels safe again. I'm exhausted and may end up ordering takeout. I quite fancy some Crispy Shredded Beef & Egg Fried Rice. Mmm.

Tomorrow I might go to DIG. There's an exhibition on that could be quite interesting. It's called Looking Back at Hungate
Visit DIG for a unique opportunity to see some of its archaeological treasures displayed together for the first time. From Roman grave goods and Viking craftsmanship, through to medieval life and Victorian industry, this innovative new exhibition uses artefacts to tell the story of a changing city landscape.

And of course, going to DIG usually means I end up going into Yorvik Viking Centre... which then makes me want to go back to Barley Hall and Micklegate Bar Museum. Another year, another YAT Pass it is then!

There will also be a lot of chocolate eaten and I need to catch up on Supernatural. Looks like Monday is sorted as well.

Hope everything's well with you guys :)


Feb. 13th, 2013 12:08 pm
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I'm starting to think I'm never going to understand women, even though I am one. I also think I might be some different subspecies of women to the ones I work with. Because oh, they strike me as ridiculously shallow. Of course, it could just be the front they put on at work, and outside of office hours they're completely different - but then that's also behaviour I'm unable to fathom.

Today's office talk, constantly, for the last 3 and a half hours, has revolved around weight, calories, diets and weight loss. I did manage to stun them into silence, though, which was fun. They turned around and said to me "Margaret, how much do you weigh?"
Firstly, I've lost track of how many times I've told them to call me Megs which is what I prefer. But I cou,ldn't be bothered to correct them today, so I simply answered their question with the truth, which is I don't know. They looked at me like I'd grown a second head. HOW could I possibly not know how much I weight. Quite easily, I reply. I don't own a set of scales to weigh myself on, because I'm not interested in knowing.

It seems to be as difficult for them to comprehend that I don't care, as it is for me to understand their fascination/obsession with what society tells them they should be. I also don't understand what's so wrong with being happy with the way I am...

One thing I do know is that I'm damn well going to McDonald's on my way home tonight. All this talk of food is making me hungry, and there's a Quarterpounder with Cheese meal with my name on it!
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It's amazing how strong sense memory can be - the slightest thing can transport you to another time and place. Taste and smell have always been the ones that are strongest for me and today was one of those. I bought a lovely ham joint and today I cooked it. The smell filled my flat and my mouth was watering for what felt like forever - Cookie, of course, wouldn't stop stalking the oven and was actually quite adorable.

I also made some chips and had a nice meal of ham, egg, chips and peas. Sat at my table with a book, as I do most evenings when I'm eating. One minute I was there in my kitchen and the next I was a child sitting at my grandparents table. The smell and taste of the ham just took me back about 20 years, to Saturday lunchtimes. My parents would leave me with my paternal grandparents every Saturday morning while they went to town. I used to watch Saturday morning kids tv and my grandmother couldn't fathom cartoons. Sometimes my grandfather would take me down the park, and we'd kick a ball around. And they'd make me dinner. At least once a month it would be ham, boiled potatoes and cabbage.

I'd planned on heading up to Yorkshire Wildlife Park tomorrow but I think instead I'm going to drive over to see my grandparents for the day. I haven't seen them in a couple of months so hopefully it'll be a nice surprise for them. And my grandfather has such a sweet tooth, that I'm going to bake them some cupcakes.
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I love Christmas. There are no words that actually express how much I love Christmas. It's my favourite time of year by far. I love everything about it - the food, the tv, the music, presents, time with family, decorating, cards... everything!

I don't have anything up outside, but inside... my flat is like a veritable santa's grotto. Lights, tinsel, baubles, tree, streamers, various random knick knacks and figurines. Especially lights. I love fairy lights and generally have some up all year round, just a few more at Christmas.

I love cooking myself a nice Christmas meal with all the trimmings - roast turkey with stuffing, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, peas, carrots, sprouts, cabbage. Christmas pudding, mince pie, yule log, Christmas cake. I go all out, feeding my parents - they come round every year and yeah, we have a feast.
Followed on St Stephen's Day with cheese, pies, hams, crackers, crudites. And more cake. And chocolate.

Christmas movies. Christmas TV specials. Christmas music. It's all just so fun and festive and traditional and familiar and comfortable. It doesn't matter how many times you watch them, listen to them, it's like coming home.

Yeah, I really do love Christmas :D
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I'm very easy to please when it comes to food. I'll eat most things, I'm not a terribly picky eater. I am however - and very aware of it - very unhealthy in my favourites.

Chocolate - Especially Cadbury's Dairy Milk. Or... most Cadbury's varieties, actually.
Pizza - There's nothing I love more than a steaming hot fresh stuffed crust Pepperoni from Pizza Hut.
Pasta - specifically, my chicken & bacon pasta bake. I can eat it til the cows come home.

Very unhealthy, like I said. Of course, I'm aware of this and - with the exception of chocolate- don't eat them every day. I can't survive the day without a mid-afternoon chocolate bar.

My least favourites would be:
Cooked peas and carrots. No, really. I much prefer them raw. And freshly picked. Perfect.
Mushrooms. They have a weird texture. I don't like the feel of them in my mouth
Offal. Gross, plain and simple.

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