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I'm genuinely starting to think that twitter is one of the worse inventions on the whole internet. It certainly has its uses, like any other form of social media, but when it comes to interactions with celebrities, I'm finding myself utterly horrified.

Not necessarily at the celebrities themselves, although there are certainly some who's behaviour and attitude has shocked me, appalled me and turned me completely off them. It's very easy to forget that celebrities are people too, people who have emotions and opinions but the way some of them behave, simply disgusts me.

It's mostly, however, fans of celebrities and the way they use twitter, both to communicate with other fans but also withe the celebrities.
The most recent one being related to Chad Lindberg and AJ Buckley who were tweeting each other and someone tweets the both of them saying they were writing slashfic based on their tweets. I mean honestly, who does that?! I get that people write slash but it's not something that should be flaunted in front of the people in question. I also remember a while back someone who was 'outing' prominent slashfen to Kane, Carlson, other members of the band, Eric and even Steve's mother. Again, this left me disgusted.

Of course, it could just be the fandom/s I'm in which seem to be full of crazy behaviour. But it definitely makes me want to back away, and I'm definitely using twitter less - not that I used it much before.

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