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'Facts' seem a strange thing to come up with but here are 20 of them about me

1) I'm terrified about turning 30
2) I know i'm a Taurus but I hve no idea what that means, past the horoscopes in the newspaper/magazines
3) I think my DOB is hilarious. 08/05/85
4) I'm asexual. A hetero-romatic asexual. I can see myself in a romantic relationship with a man but have no sexual interest.
5) I have a Bachelors in Psychology
6) I would like to study sociology as well
7) I'm a bibliophile and read about 3 books a week. My entire second bedroom is dedicated to bookshelves.
8) I was baptised in the C Of E
9) but think of myself as more spiritual than religious. I believe in something, I just don't know what
10) I would love to get involved in local politics but don't know how
11) I love to cook.
12) I hate the fact my flat doens't have a garden and instead will spend many hours tending my parents and grandparents' gardens
13) My favourite colour is blue
14) My cat, Cookie, is my best friend
15) I love 80s cartoons. They really don't make them like that any more!
16) I wish vampires were real and I was one
17) My favourite genres to read are sci-fi and fantasy
18) I'm addicted to coffee and chocolate
19) Zombies terrify me
20) Tennis is my favourite sport

That was really hard work!
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I don't feel comfortable posting photographs of myself online, so you won't be getting those. You can instead have a picture of a kitten:

AS for an introduction... I still hate writing these!
Hi, I'm Megs (short for Margaret). I'm 28, I live in York and work as an Administrative Assistant for a local hospital. I have a cat called Cookie, I love to read, I'm addicted to caffeine and eat too much chocolate. When I say 'love to read' I mean I'm a complete bibliophile and always have my nose in a book. My favourite colour is blue, my favourite food is pasta and my favourite sport is tennis. I'm a life long student, a budding blogger and hate dusting.
That's me in a nutshell!
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In order to get back onto some kind of blogging schedule, I'm intending on doing the '31 Day Blog Challenge' which looks something like:

I intend on starting posting these tonight when I get in from work - which gives me a few hours to work on an introduction because let's face it, those are never easy to write!

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