May. 9th, 2016 09:36 pm
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Oops. I seem to have acquired a second cat. A kitten. Or, I will have her in a few weeks when she's old enough to come home.

One of the ladies at work, her cat has had a litter of kittens. She was showing us pictures of these tiny little fluffy things and lamenting how she didn't know how she was going to home them etc etc. Clearly she was angling towards sympathy/people offering to take one, and even though I knew that was what she was doing... I fell for it.

A little grey short-haired kitty, tentatively called Gypsy, will soon be joining me and Cookie. She's not sure what cat got her 'British Blue' pregnant so she's definitely of a mixed breed but her colouring is beautiful - and I'm curious to see how it changes as she grows.

Introducing them could be interesting, Cookie's been a lone-kitty all her life but I'm reading up on how to do it. Cookie's always been pretty laid back so hopefully she'll just go with the flow

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Date: 2016-05-12 08:16 pm (UTC)
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:) That's so exciting!! I hope you'll post photos!

How old is Cookie? I hope they get along. I had Flapjack for 4 years before we got a new kitten, Rigby. I feel like he had wanted a cat friend all along. I wanted to do the recommended thing and introduce them very slowly with scents and stuff but my boyfriend just threw them together and it went very well. I think that Flapjack is a lot happier now that he has a cat to play and cuddle with!

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Date: 2016-05-14 03:03 am (UTC)
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We have three cats that were gotten each a year or more apart and how we've always done it is close the new kitty in a bathroom or bedroom for about a week, so original kitty/ies can smell and know another kitty is there, get used to the scent, settle, etc, and then introduce them slowly after that.

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